As a fully regulated broker UBFX provides Clients with a fair and safe trading environment. They offer trading solutions to individual and institutional traders, hedge funds, money managers, white labels, and introducing brokers. UBFX offers various accounts types to trade world’s most popular currency pairs, contracts for difference (CFDs) and precious metals. They provide solutions for traders who are new to the forex market as well as for professional traders. With its revolutionary cross-platform social trading system, beginners can follow and automatically copy orders of our top performing investors—the Trade★Masters. 



With over 142 000 employees worldwide, Allianz serves 85,4 mln Clients in 70 countries. Accumulated assets managed by the Allianz group have risen up to 1 871 trillion €. Allianz Income and Growth invest in participation units of the Luxembourg sub-fund Allianz Income and Growth (master fund), as a part of the Allianz Global Investors Fund. The Fund is managed by Allianz Global Investors in USA and is one of the flagship investment strategies in Allianz offer. The master fund policy involves investing in three different classes of US assets: high yield bonds, convertible bonds and equities with a covered call option. The Fund adopts a “three-sleeve” approach with the core holding investing primarily in a portfolio of 1/3 high yield bonds, 1/3 convertible bonds and 1/3 equities. It aims to capture multiple sources of potential income while participating in the upside potential of equities.


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Invest Banq give you an investment opportunity in shares of companies listed on North American markets (USA, Canada and Mexico). You can invest in American - NYSE, NASDAQ, Chicago Stock Exchange (CHX), and other stocks. Yon can also invest in Canadian - Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX), and Mexican Stock Exchange (MEXI).


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